2012 Georges Ceremony

Georges 2012 awarding ceremony took place on April 15, 2012 at Moscow club “P!PL”. Actors Aleksey Frandetti, Svetlana Ivanova, Anna Sherling and Valeriya Lanskaya were hosts of the ceremony. Ivan Burlyaev wrote music specially for ceremony. Actors Renata Piotrovski, Sofya Skya, Nonna Grishaeva, Prokhor Chekhovskoy presented awards, so did “Kvartet I”, director Aleksandr Kott, supervisor of visual effects Arman Yahin, producer Alexander Rodnyansky and director, producer and actor Fyodor Bondarchuk.

Vysotsky: Thank God I’m Alive won Russian Drama of the Year. Fyodor Bondarchuk presented the award and mentioned that “Georges” had a difference from awards of professionals. “It’s different, it develops with its own way and rules — and it’s great”, — director said. Producer and screenwriter Nikita Vysotsky got the prize, thanked the audience foe choosing his movie and marked the importance of people’s opinion for him.

What Men Still Talk About won Russian Comedy of the Year. First movie of “Kvartet I” — What Men Talk About — was the winner in the same nomination in 2011, so actors of Kvartet Kamil Larin and Aleksandr Demidov took the prize again from Sofya Skya. The duo thanked people for constancy and joked that there were only two of them because other two guys worked on oligarchs’ birthdays. Aleksandr Demidov also joked that their group was named “Kvartet” (quartette) because they hoped: someone from the four guys could get any prize someday.

The winner in Russian Action of the Year was a surprise foe everyone including director Aleksandr Kott who presented the award. People chose Yolki 2 — but it was more comedy than action actually. “We thought we were shooting a comedy!” — director Levan Gabriadze was surprised too. Yolki 2 is an almanac, and Aleksandr Kott made one of the novel so he can celebrate the second win in this nomination: his movie The Brest Fortress won Best Russian Action Movie and Best Russian Drama Movie in 2011. “I thank you for your choice, it was very important for me, — Kott said. — Thank you for this award, thanks to it we can find out what people really like in movies”.

Ivan Okhlobystin won Russian Actor of the Year. The winner of past year Nonna Grishaeva presented the award. “It’s symbolic that Ivan won the prize in that Great Easter day!” — Nonna mentioned (April 15 was the orthodox Easter, and Okhlobystin is a former priest). Ivan couldn’t present because of shooting but made a video for the ceremony in which said he always felt shy in these cases and didn’t know how to react. “I say thank you and I want to work for you”, — Okhlobystin said and congratulated everyone with the Easter.

Svetlana Khodchenkova won Russian Actress of the Year: she amazed people not only in Russian movies, but in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Unfortunately, Svetlana also couldn’t come to ceremony because of shooting in a few new projects.

Foreign awards went this way. Robert Downey Jr. and Natalie Portman won Foreign Actor and Actress of the Year. It’s 4th nomination for Natalie and second winning in this nomination: she win the prize two years one after another. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows won Foreign Action of the Year. Friends with Benefits won Foreign Comedy of the Year. The King’s Speech won Foreign Drama of the Year. Producer Alexander Rodnyansky presented the award in this nomination. “As usual winners in professional and people awards are different, but this time it’s the same!” — he mentioned.

Traditionally there were special prizes from partners of ceremony. Booker’s Bulletin magazine gave its prize to professionals. Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing company received the Best film distributor result award. Filmz.ru web site gave its special prize for True Movie: Paul. Russian edition of Empire magazine named its Empire Icon at second time — director and actor Andrey Smirnov. “I feel like from different civilization! — Smirnov, 71, joked. — As if I flew from the other planet! Just say thank you in order not to say something stupid”.

The organizing committee of the award traditionally gave its special prize. The prize is different each year: this time it was For keeping our faith in Russian movies and was given to three movies: Home (directed by Oleg Pogodin), Two Days (by Dunya Smirnova) and The Practice of Beauty (by Viktor Shamirov). Andrey Smirnov once again came to the stage to take the prize for his daughter Dunya Smirnova and said he felt sorry spectators didn’t believe in Russian movies, because now we had a lot of good projects. Viktor Shamirov thanked for the award and noticed it was very important for him to know someone believed in his movie. And producer Gosha Kutsenko read the phrase from Goethe with the words The Practice of Beauty.