2013 Georges Ceremony

The 6th Georges awarding ceremony took place on April 12, 2013 at Moscow club “P!PL”. It was Cosmonauts Day in Russia so ceremony was held in space movie style. Star Wars troopers from Russian Outpost of 501 Legion (Lucasfilm voluntary organization) walked around among guests. Hosts Aleksey Frandetti and Valeriya Lanskaya were in costumes of Spock and Princess Leia. Yan Filyarovskiy played music with YAN Project and PULVER band with Ekaterina Titova. Dariia Rusanova sang live Skyfall composition while organizing committee presented new nominations for next year. Traditionally we showed exclusive trailers or episodes from movies, which were only prepared for release, to the public: 8 minutes from Viy 3D become small sensation. Actors and actresses Renata Piotrovski, Ilya Glinnikov, Pavel Priluchnyy, Vladimir Zelenskiy, Garik Kharlamov, Lyanka Gryu, Liza Arzamasova, Prokhor Chekhovskoy, were among ceremony guests and presenters with directors and producers Aleksandr Kott, and Igor Ugolnikov.

Ivan Okhlobystin won Russian Actor of the Year again — he took the same Award past year. Ivan thanked all people in Twitter and said many thanks on stage. He also said he wanted to make good melodrama: “I think no one in Russia made such a movie where relationship between man and woman thrills people. I’m not talking about sex and erotic but about some chemistry, sparkle”.

Kristina Asmus won Russian Actress of the Year. This was the first nomination for Kristina and firs winning. Comedy Club stand-up resident Garik Kharlamov was with Kristina that evening — Kristina and Garik made their first coming out as a couple. Kristina was happy with the people Award: “I’m so pleased, it’s a people Award, and all we, actors, do, we do for people”. Late Kristina posted pictures of her, Georges Award and Garik at Instagram with comments: “Thank you very much! It’s a people Award so it means even more for me! The prize is very beautiful. It glows so we have a night-light now!”

Soulles won Russian Drama of the Year. Garik Kharlamov presented the Award as “the most funny actor”, and Garik in joke thanked Georges for calling him an actor. Georges went to director Roman Prygunov, who said thanks and hoped he would stay again on this stage.

8 First Dates won Russian Comedy of the Year. Great delegation of producers took the prize on stage: Vladimir Zelenskiy, Marius Weisberg, Andrey Rad’ko and Ekaterina Gordetskaya. "Thank you for this Award, it’s a great pleasure for us",— Vladimir Zelenskiy said.

August. Eighth won Russian Action of the Year. Arman Yakhin, supervisor of visual effects of the movie and CEO of Main Road|Post, took the prize.

Robert Downey Jr. won Foreign Actor of the Year second time — he won same prize at Georges 2012. Downey Jr. was in Moscow at April 10, promoting Iron Man 3, and received his prizes for two years in person.

Jennifer Lawrence won Foreign Actress of the Year. Maxim Bazylev, digital-manager of Volga company, took prize for actress and promised to give it to Jennifer when she comes in Moscow for Hunger Games sequel.

Actors Liza Arzamasova and Prokhor Chekhovskoy presented Animated Feature Film of the Year. Liza cheered for The Brave (she dubbed main character in Russia), but Georges went to Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted.

Actor Pavel Priluchnyy presented Foreign Action of The Year. Pavel cheered for The Avengers and the movie won the Award. Igor Potapov (Sr. Publicity Manager The Walt Disney Company Russia & CIS) and Elena Yamshikova (Publicity Director of The Walt Disney Company Russia) took the prize.

Igor Ugolnikov presented Foreign Comedy of the Year — Georges went to French movie Intouchables, which also won Foreign Drama of the Year. Vladimir Buzov (Cascade Company) took both prizes.

Traditionally Georges announced special prizes from partners of ceremony. Booker’s Bulletin magazine gave its prize to professionals. Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing company received For Outstanding Leadership and Hospitality Award. WDSSPR organized 13 star premieres for 2012 and would keep going. Filmz.ru web site gave its special prize for True Movie: Living by Vasiliy Sigarev.

The organizing committee of the award traditionally gave its special prize. The prize is different each year: this time prize went to wonderful actor Andy Serkis, whom we know and love as Gollum at The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Andy received Master of Revolutionary Technique in Acting Award. Georges honored Andy’s achievements in performance capture developing, which brought us Gollum, King Kong and Caesar. Andy couldn’t come to awarding ceremony because of shooting in Vancouver at Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. But he’s got the prize in person and sent video back with thanks. “I just want to say huge thank you, — Andy said. — I’m absolutely delighted with it. It’s really fantastic to know that performance capture is being seen for what it is: a method of recording actor’s performance. So I really appreciate this Award, it’s a thrill. So thank you very-very much!”