2011 Georges Ceremony

Georges 2011 awarding ceremony took place on April 10, 2011 at Moscow art-café “Durov”. This time ceremony had professional hosts — actors Aleksey Frandetti and Ekaterina Vilkova. Aleksey wrote scenario for ceremony. Ivan Burlyaev wrote music specially for ceremony. Distributors once again presented exclusive footages for the audience. Almost every winners were on ceremony: from “Kvartet I” to Nonna Grishaeva. Actors Anastasiya Makeyeva, Ilya Glinnikov, Renata Piotrovski, Dmitriy Sharakois, Agniya Kuznetsova, Ingrid Olerinskaya, Pyotr Fyodorov, Evgeniy Tkachuk, Prokhor Chekhovskoy and Mariya Ivashenko presenting the awards, so did directors Pavel Sanaev, Andrei Kavun, Dmitriy Kiselev.

Among Russian nominees people gave their voices to Aleksandr Kott’s movie The Brest Fortress — it became Best Russian Action Movie and Best Russian Drama Movie. Director Pavel Sanaev who presented the award said that he was glad of winning The Brest Fortress nevertheless his movie Hooked 2. Next Level was nominated too and didn’t win. Sanaev mentioned than The Brest Fortress didn’t get any professional awards absolutely undeservedly, that’s why it was pleasure to know common spectators named this movie The Best. Director Aleksandr Kott and producer Igor Ugolnikov got prizes: Igor mentioned friendly atmosphere of the ceremony and thanked viewers for their choice.

Movie What Men Talk About became the triumphator of ceremony: it won Best Russian Comedy Movie, its actors Leonid Barats and Nonna Grishaeva won Best Russian Actor and Actress. One of actors Kamil Larin, taking the prize, joked “Georges” was their first award for all these years. Leonid Barats joked that now he is the best actor among all “Kvartet I” and he doesn’t know how to face the colleges. Nonna Grishaeva was touched by winning and admitted than people’s love was priceless for her.

Foreign awards went this way. Leonardo DiCaprio and Natalie Portman won Best Foreign Actor and Actress. Kick-Ass won Best Foreign Comedy Movie. Shutter Island won Best Foreign Drama Movie. Inception won Best Foreign Action Movie. How to Train Your Dragon won Best Animated Movie.

Traditionally there were special prizes from partners of ceremony. The organizing committee of the award traditionally mentioned one of the movie: their prize Suspense of the Year went to Rodrigo Cortés Buried. Diploma went to distributor Volga, dubbing director Aleksandr Vartanov and dubbing actor Pyotr Fyodorov — for their brilliant job which gave the audience right emotions and didn’t ruin the movie.

Booker’s Bulletin magazine gave its prizes to professionals. Central Partnership company received the Golden film for Best film distributor result. The prize for the Best local picture result per screen in wide exhibition went to Bazelevs company for Yolki, and the prize for the Best local picture result per screen in limited exhibition went to Paradise company for Ten Winters.

Kick-Ass got the special prize Best Movie in Goblin Translation. Cinefex magazine gave its prize for the Best Visual Effects in Russian Movie to Dmitry Tokoyakov for the work on Black Lightning. Russian edition of Empire magazine named its Empire Icon — Tatyana Drubich.

Filmz.ru web site gave its special prize for True Movie: Inception won Reader’s Choice and Monsters won Editor’s Choice. Gareth Edwards sent video with his thanks, in which showed monsters attack of Kremlin.