2010 Georges Ceremony

On March, 31, 2010, the Georges awarding ceremony took place in the large hall of 35 mm film theater. It had “a movie market for audience” principle: distribution companies, when receiving the awards, showed exclusive trailers or episodes from movies, which were only prepared for release, to the public. Thus, guests of the ceremony got the opportunity to learn about the latest movies among the first, and distributors — to advertise future films to the public directly.

This year the leader of popular vote was the same as all over the world — it was the Twilight saga. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were named the Best Foreign Actor and Actress, and the New Moon became the Best Foreign Drama Movie. “Such a drama like this took place in this fight for the best drama,” commented dubbing actor Pyotr “Glanz” Ivascshenko, who presented the award, and his wife and dubbing actress Inna Koroleva marked the people’s choice was understandable, “New Moon is not about vampires and werewolves but about the first love for ever. What is close to a viewer — that was chosen by him/her!”

There were not any surprises in the Best Foreign Action Movie nomination as well — James Cameron’s Avatar led without question. The prize for Avatar was presented by Mikhail Klochkov, editor-in-chief of KinoPoisk portal, the general partner of Georges 2010 Awards. Before chief of Publicity and PR Twentieth Century Fox CIS department Kirill Ogurtsov could thank viewers for their choice, he received one more diploma for the same movie — a special prize from the awards organizers the Most Discussed Movie in the Runet. This special award was introduced last year to mark hurricane discussion of Fyodor Bondarchuk’s The Inhabited Island, and the organizers decided to continue the tradition.

Viewers named Pavel Sanayev’s Hooked the Best Russian Action Movie. Curiously enough, the fragments of this movie were shown to public for the first time at the previous ceremony, — so Sanayev’s victory at Georges 2010 is to some extent logical. The organizers asked to present this award an ordinary viewer by naming row and place at random: as the award is people’s, the people should present the matryoshka! So, it was shock for both the lucky viewer and the movie creators. Together with the director the prize was given to the producer Aleksandr Bondarev and actors Pavel Priluchnyy, Aleksey Bardukov, Evgeniy Kharlanov, and Nodar Siradze. The team thanked people for recognition and reminded Hooked 2. Next Level was to be released in two weeks already. While everyone looked forward to the premiere, the ceremony guests got opportunity to see a 3-minute fragment from the movie.

The Best Animated Movie was Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. One of the presenters was Pinky (Nyusha) from GoGoRiki (Smeshariki). She informed that a feature length 3D-movie from the creators of the famous animation series was to be released this year.

People chose The Hangover as the Best Foreign Comedy Movie. The prize for the movie was presented by the actor Aleksey Frandetti, who naturally fainted when opening the envelope. “When I asked the organizers what I should do, they answered: open the envelope, fall unconscious, and declare the winner,” later explained Aleksey his falling, “So I fainted!” So the viewers would faint, too, they were shown footage from Clash of the Titans, one of new projects produced by Karo Premiere company.

The Best Russian Comedy Movie was High Security Vacation — the doubtless leader of voting. The actor Pyotr Fyodorov was to present the award, and there came the first casus of the ceremony: that moment Pyotr ran away to the snack bar. It was not possible to get an answer from him, so the prize was given without Pyotr. While viewers were watching exclusive fragments from Lovey-Dovey 3 comedy, Fyodorov came back from the snack bar and went onstage to get one more special prize from the organizers — the Most Challenging Movie for Russia 88. Pyotr made this film together with his fellow-director Pavel Bardin: it was called extremist, then allowed to be released, condemned, justified and allowed to be shown to masses again. During this time the movie was seen only in the world-wide web in fact — so it is logical the Internet Awards specially marked Russia 88. Fyodorov thanked “for respect” and informed their next movie with Bardin would be Gop-Stop and it was going to be a comedy for people “to hoot with laughter and to listen to the music.”

35mm Cinema Theatre gave the prize in its special nomination the Favorite Movie (35mm Cinema Theatre Program), filling this way the disappearance of the last-year nomination for the Best Independent Movie. Here the audience chose Moon, and thankful distributor Premium Film after receiving the award showed a fragment from one of coming releases — Mr. Nobody starring Jared Leto.

People acknowledged Pavel Lungin’s Tsar as the Best Russian Drama Movie. Lungin went away to Vilnius and could not be at the ceremony, so the prize from the dubbing actor Nikita Prozorovskiy was received by the general director of distribution company Nashe Kino Irina Borisova, who also presented to the audience trailers from The Last Station movie and Nosferatu. Uzhas nochi animated film.

Oleg Yankovskiy was named the Best Russian Actor — posthumously. The prize was presented by actress Ekaterina Vilkova, and the general director of Pavel Lungin’s studio Yevgeni Panfilov received the prize for Oleg Yankovskiy.

The audience chose Ekaterina Guseva as the Best Russian Actress — and there came the second casus: Ekaterina hosted Nika Awards ceremony which took place simultaneously with Georges, and was being late to viewers. Actor Kirill Pletnev who presented the award tried to play the time as much as he could: he made the public guess who would win, he even raffled a bottle of sponsor whisky Famous Grouse off — Ekaterina was still absent. He had to open the envelope without the winner, and the the actress arrived — to go through take 2: Kirill went on stage, declared the winner and gave her the prize. Ekaterina said very simple and heart-warming words towards the awards and its voters: “We work for the audience, and when your works find a response in viewers — it is the most important thing for an actor. Whatever we do — jump, swim, skate — we do everything for you, and not for film academics. I’ve just hosted Nika Awards ceremony — and I really feel the difference in the atmosphere, being here after that official ceremony. Sometimes the prizes are given to people and movies which I haven’t even seen. Professionals’ opinion is very important, of course, but there’s nothing more precious and valuable than audience’s recognition. Thank you very much!”

The media partner of the awards — Filmz.ru website — gave its special prize for True Movie. The winner was Neill Blomkamp’s District 9. One more awards’ partner — Booker’s Bulletin magazine — gave its prizes to professionals. Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing company received the Golden film for Best film distributor result: in total Disney and Sony’s movies had earned most of all money in our distribution. The prize for the Best local picture result per screen in wide exhibition was given to Central Partnership company for Taras Bulba, and the prize for the Best local picture result per screen in limited exhibition was given to Paradise company for Room and a Half.

Cinefex magazine marked Studio main road|post and its chief Arman Yahin for the work on cityscape in The Inhabited Island with the special prize the Best Visual Effects in Russian Movie.