Georges 2016: start of first stage of voting

January 13, 2016

The stages of XII Russian National Movie Awards Georges 2016 nominees have started!

As always only you, spectators, decide everything in National Movie Awards — even who will be the nominee. That’s why we have first stage of voting where you define movies, TV series and actors of last year by yourselves. First stage will take place from January 13 till January 30. During the first stage you should choose fives of nominees in each nominations. We remind you that you can vote for movies and TV series officially released in Russia in 2015. We also remind you that voting form has short list and long list: if you don’t find your choice in short list, switch to long list. There are rules of voting which help you.

The main stage will take place from February 1 till March 20. Data and place of awarding ceremony will be announce later.

Vote yourselves and tell your friends about the voting — push the buttons and share the link with your friends in social networks. The more people vote, the more objective people’s choice it will be!